Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Apple And Steve Jobs

Excerpt from BOARDROOM book authored by Mr. Achyut Godbole.
This book is based on fundamental principles of MANAGEMENT and spans from Politician Strategist Chanakya to Stock Guru Warren Buffet. Really an interesting read.

Inspirational Tale of Tech-savvy CEO

Story is compiled into three phases: Beginning, Middle and End in audio mp3. Buffering time depends on internet connection bandwidth. Revert back from player into main directory and try again if you face problem first time!

Monday, July 25, 2011

रात्रीचे बारा वाजले

ती वैतागली: "अरे, किती रे प्रचंड जोरात तुझं घोरणं?"
कबूल नव्हते केलेस जेव्हा मी ओलांडून अाले वाड्यातली तोरणं!
अाता पूरत्या ह्रदयावर ऊठलेत सत्राशे साठ वणं
दर रात्री चालू असायलाच पाहिजे का पलंगावर महा - रणं?

Friday, May 20, 2011


Do most of us try to figure out what it takes to really work towards attaining content? It has been said several times "Strive for it", "Don't miss single opportunity", "Go get it". Obviously under banner of attempting to achieve something more crucial. Like long-term capital gain?!

I try it really hard, but once a while also do its reverse. So what if one tried to admire beauty of how butterfly sits and with such a simple gesture calms its audience. Lets just say it is beginning of the act of
Vibrant colors, nimble movements and flocks of butterflies kept me rooted in a spot to observe this rhythmic energy built around me.

Questions started popping as to what makes them so light, what do they drink/eat? I want to be that! And interestingly just dipping my thumb in juice and tuning my frequency towards antenna of "Mr. Joe" who was apparently resting on micro-screen, I experienced blissful emotion of actually feeding this little creature. How rewarding.

After all the tingling sensation of its feet dancing on my fingers and juice dripping off it, here was my chance to test if it was ready to migrate onto this new surface, just for its food. Will it? Should it? Must it? Two feet clinging on to original pad, two in juice and remaining on fingertip, it just continued doing what it was supposed to. Now that is dedication, may I say. So here go few more tick-tock's and I make up my mind to bid adieu to this little guy who made my day amidst all the organized chaos of entertaining family, shortening to-do list, and getting back to work. Although later I sucked remainder of juice off my thumb, it did not taste even 80% sweet as the whole experience was.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shame on those who lack sensibility to not grow organically with new developments. Are you still handicapped to use RACE card?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Warning: Please hone your humane touch before you proceed reading this article.

One of these days, when I get tired of answering What, Why, How questions from next generation, I try to put myself into their shoes and just land onto

What a resourceful collection of articles and videos, especially with that lively colors, it makes you sway while reading or watching. Having tuned in, my "self" decides to venture into their Plant Care section to hunt for tips on Venus Trap saplings. Do these carnivorous plants need to be manually fed with an insect or two? Do they need constant confirmation that even if they are not mobile, they have been given power to eat flies? Or are there sweet juices luring enough for stupid bugs to try some?

Running out of patience, I land on the "Top List" to only find the very first article listed to be as irrelevant to the topic as possible. South Indian Chutney Varieties by Bing-Ai Chen is not meant to be there. Confirmed once, twice and started analyzing the situation. First a deep breath, then is it the TAGs in the search optimization algorithm responsible for this blunder? Or heavy influence of IC's that management was forced to put this pair in that position. Really?

Taking a step back, it was like rendez-vous when all those incidents flashed in front of me, where Artificial Intelligence gets tainted due to such dilution of efforts. Please avoid Garbage-In, Garbage-Out! It hurts exponentially!! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is extremely challenging domain and involves multi-dimensional gating before your items can even get added to database. Be wise with those parameters, they are jewels.

For now may I just rely back on nature's working rules and assume that venus traps will survive as always.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Eat Poop, Poop Poop

So who hasn't heard about "Crawfish"? They taste yummy, can crawl backwards faster than you can imagine, carry elegant shell and above all make eco-friendly pets that keep water bodies clean. All in all, superior version of shrimp (= prawn)!

When it comes to pets, most of the times my concern is whether they are getting fed appropriately. And by that I mean right proportion, bearable taste and healthy frequency per week. So after some internet research and consultation with my creek-lady, I decided to stick to dry food officially manufactured for crustaceans, that looks like …. Now that’s where lies the whole fun fun fun.

Have you ever seen any living being eat poop? Or on lighter side, poop something that looks like food?? If you think this might be stretching it too far, just hang in there. My little fella never eats instantaneously whenever he is fed; like most husbands you see. They have to do it in hiding. So one worry down the hole.

Whenever my day gets overloaded, I like to enter my little fella's world, where he enjoys air bubbles from filter, hides in conch, floats amidst water-plants and who knows when he really eats?! Its so soothing to watch him. And in that session, I literally spotted him pooping in action. What a sight .. His excretions were just like his food nuggets. I couldn't believe it! So I zoomed myself into his zone, and made sure that he did not eat it. If you are aware of what "Shivambhu" is, then you will understand my concern. So all in all, he merrily winded his poop party effortless and was heading back to his conch.

Even though I kept wondering how he distinguishes between his poop and food, the fact that he is six months old, proves that he knows his lesson well!

Sunday, April 03, 2011


After 28 years of wait, 2nd time in my life, World Cup 2011 earned by Indian Cricket Team so gracefully and absolutely well-deserved.

"Man of the Tournament": U V S

"Man of the Match": M S D
Jai Maharashtra! Jai Hind!! Jai Ho!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear Readers,
The reason I got back to blogging so soon is SOLE EXCITEMENT for Cricket World Cup 2011. Out of the many parameters that drive us each day, excitement is so crucial. And if I may ask, what excites you? There can be several responses ranging from your work to social vibe to my writing .. Now hope the last option gave you a chuckle if not tempting you to read ahead. Just yesterday, India won Semi-finals against Pak-is-tan (with blows from Harbhajan and UV) in home state Punjab of Prime Ministers of both nations. Now if you missed the match or even worse the highlights, then please stop reading this and get back to watching related video clips that smell sheer victory or shall I say "good-cricket-with-disciplined-bowling" . Salute to our bowlers. Although this is my best birthday present, as intelligently pointed by some of my friends; the pressure is building upon as our team is prepping to face Sri Lanka in Mumbai in just two more days for the FINALS. Obviously, since I believe in letting the process work smoothly no matter how hyper my neurons are, I will keep my routine up and running. Here is Wankhede Stadium's mesmerizing view which makes me scream on side of the shoreline "GO INDIA GO!" Also this is my small attempt at not clogging facebook servers. After reading some infinite updates past couple days, wonder what it will take to get them down atleast for few moments, may be simultaneous login and video posts by 80% of userbase?!
Signing off,


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Library Story Program

Dear Readers,

Kids love stories, they are an important part of their childhood. And so do they love books. Today I would like to introduce you all to the story programs that are conducted in local public libraries in USA. It is an excellent program for infants to kids aged until 5 years to get them introduced to all sorts of creative thinking. And the cherry on the ice-cream is that it is FREE for all residents.

My daughter started enjoying going to library since she was 8 months old. The whole library visit experience is inviting and exclusive for kids. Right from their wait outside the story room till the right time to start the session. There are tons of educational toys, books and puzzles for kids to explore. Once it is time, the coordinator invites each child with welcome puppet to the room. The room is heaven for kids; colorful carpet with numbers, shapes and designs on it. Walls are decorated with meaningful art décor. Each session lasts for about 20 minutes constituting of music, poems, story-telling and bubble-making for infants. For older kids, the session is customized by providing variety of informative interactions between story coordinator and kids which teach colors, numbers, animals and more. Every session ends in stamping tattoos on kids’ hands of different animals. What a joy ride! To top everything, kids can check out their favorite books to enjoy at home before their next library visit.

The story programs are conducted at least twice daily from Monday through Thursday in every public library branch. The coordinators with their assistant have couple weeks planning break every 3 months to come up with new ideas and themes. Hats off to this management and organizational skills of American public libraries where you can experience their efforts to inculcate honest reading love among kids develop naturally. There is nothing more satisfying than your kid craving for library visit and enjoying reading books even in this age of television and computers!

Mrs. Dhanashree Arole
(Mother of 2 year old)
Orlando, Florida

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