Friday, May 20, 2011


Do most of us try to figure out what it takes to really work towards attaining content? It has been said several times "Strive for it", "Don't miss single opportunity", "Go get it". Obviously under banner of attempting to achieve something more crucial. Like long-term capital gain?!

I try it really hard, but once a while also do its reverse. So what if one tried to admire beauty of how butterfly sits and with such a simple gesture calms its audience. Lets just say it is beginning of the act of
Vibrant colors, nimble movements and flocks of butterflies kept me rooted in a spot to observe this rhythmic energy built around me.

Questions started popping as to what makes them so light, what do they drink/eat? I want to be that! And interestingly just dipping my thumb in juice and tuning my frequency towards antenna of "Mr. Joe" who was apparently resting on micro-screen, I experienced blissful emotion of actually feeding this little creature. How rewarding.

After all the tingling sensation of its feet dancing on my fingers and juice dripping off it, here was my chance to test if it was ready to migrate onto this new surface, just for its food. Will it? Should it? Must it? Two feet clinging on to original pad, two in juice and remaining on fingertip, it just continued doing what it was supposed to. Now that is dedication, may I say. So here go few more tick-tock's and I make up my mind to bid adieu to this little guy who made my day amidst all the organized chaos of entertaining family, shortening to-do list, and getting back to work. Although later I sucked remainder of juice off my thumb, it did not taste even 80% sweet as the whole experience was.

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