Welcome to my culinary pit stop!

Continental Menu

Hershey's Molten Chocolate Cupcakes

Baking In Oven

Steamed Moong Grilled Fish TACO BOATS

Healthy Breakfast

Roma Omlette w/ Apple juice

Broiled Cilantro flavored Chicken Wings

Ethnic Menu

Pre-cooked TaDka, that lasts for a month for quick 10 minute-recipes

Dal-Chaval with Fryums n Pickle

Rose-flavored Sweet RoTi with Cranberry juice

Mango Sheera

Saffron Shevaya Kheer

Colors in Nature

Elegant Lotus Blood Red Hibiscus Magenta Dots
Budding Rose Light Purple Hibiscus Purple Blossom with Spanish Moss in background

Grand Canyon Valley at Dawn

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