Sunday, October 18, 2009

दीपावली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं!

Wish one and all very Happy Diwali 2009!

This is Festival of Lights, Fire-crackers, sweets, and everything that brings hope and joy to one's family. This year it is being celebrated on two separate days:
Oct 17, Sat: NarakChaturdashi, Laxmipoojan
Oct 19, Mon: Padwa, Bhaubeej

About 2.5 decades ago, I vividly remember friends and family busy for almost two weeks with Diwali preparations. Well Gadkaris most coveted family time together used to be wrapping dry-fruit gift boxes to distribute exactly on Diwali Shubh muhurta. What a test of art, craft, patience, hard work and dedication it used to be!

In current fast world, it is matter of shelling few pennies and one can have hands on fancy gift boxes. My daughter had loads of fun unpacking n number of all sizes of gifts. She is now really an expert. Bless this joyous spirit of lighting oil lamps, hanging fragrant flower garlands, building forts/castles and relishing declicious delicacies.

As always noise and sound pollution have been my matters of concern, especially with megalevel bursting of fire-crackers which I hear as I fall asleep and even wake me up at early hours. However, it is quite encouraging to sense this same anguish among kids today which apalls me and at the same time helps me give sigh of relief. This is surely smarter generation and i hope they get best of everything.

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