Sunday, March 31, 2013

Choo Choo Train

These are days of training little minds about importance of modes of transportation like road, rail, air, space, water. Curious minds always wonder about mixing these together like an Airboat?! However if you think about honing one particular mode like rail then history will speak for itself when you hear about wide range from steam-engine locomotive to high-speed bullet version. Speaking of which, have you heard about SHINKANSEN 500 Series? It is pretty high-tech!

Thumbs-Up for ourselves when we ride those little compartments and adjust positions to fluently communicate with other passengers. If you have figured it by now, yes I am hinting to that scene from BIG, when lead character enjoyed being kid again in merriful city fair. And among all the attractions, wasn't that choo choo train the most amazing ride he ever had? Watching the excitement of tiny feet rushing towards ticket booth and hoping to get front row seat for maximum fun is rewarding to ticket master as well as engine driver. Their ears start searching for only one command .... 


Riding with strangers is not so bad after all
Heading toward EasterLand for Egg Hunt
As their hearts start racing with shrill of whistle and cloud of white smoke, it is rewarding moment for manufacturer of this fantastic vehicle that is private means of transport in its own way for those who might also enjoy riding publicly. So  next time we think about toys, will Mr. Thomas Engine be our primary choice?

Hello Summer 2013... 

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