Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear Readers,
The reason I got back to blogging so soon is SOLE EXCITEMENT for Cricket World Cup 2011. Out of the many parameters that drive us each day, excitement is so crucial. And if I may ask, what excites you? There can be several responses ranging from your work to social vibe to my writing .. Now hope the last option gave you a chuckle if not tempting you to read ahead. Just yesterday, India won Semi-finals against Pak-is-tan (with blows from Harbhajan and UV) in home state Punjab of Prime Ministers of both nations. Now if you missed the match or even worse the highlights, then please stop reading this and get back to watching related video clips that smell sheer victory or shall I say "good-cricket-with-disciplined-bowling" . Salute to our bowlers. Although this is my best birthday present, as intelligently pointed by some of my friends; the pressure is building upon as our team is prepping to face Sri Lanka in Mumbai in just two more days for the FINALS. Obviously, since I believe in letting the process work smoothly no matter how hyper my neurons are, I will keep my routine up and running. Here is Wankhede Stadium's mesmerizing view which makes me scream on side of the shoreline "GO INDIA GO!" Also this is my small attempt at not clogging facebook servers. After reading some infinite updates past couple days, wonder what it will take to get them down atleast for few moments, may be simultaneous login and video posts by 80% of userbase?!
Signing off,

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