Saturday, March 26, 2011

Library Story Program

Dear Readers,

Kids love stories, they are an important part of their childhood. And so do they love books. Today I would like to introduce you all to the story programs that are conducted in local public libraries in USA. It is an excellent program for infants to kids aged until 5 years to get them introduced to all sorts of creative thinking. And the cherry on the ice-cream is that it is FREE for all residents.

My daughter started enjoying going to library since she was 8 months old. The whole library visit experience is inviting and exclusive for kids. Right from their wait outside the story room till the right time to start the session. There are tons of educational toys, books and puzzles for kids to explore. Once it is time, the coordinator invites each child with welcome puppet to the room. The room is heaven for kids; colorful carpet with numbers, shapes and designs on it. Walls are decorated with meaningful art d├ęcor. Each session lasts for about 20 minutes constituting of music, poems, story-telling and bubble-making for infants. For older kids, the session is customized by providing variety of informative interactions between story coordinator and kids which teach colors, numbers, animals and more. Every session ends in stamping tattoos on kids’ hands of different animals. What a joy ride! To top everything, kids can check out their favorite books to enjoy at home before their next library visit.

The story programs are conducted at least twice daily from Monday through Thursday in every public library branch. The coordinators with their assistant have couple weeks planning break every 3 months to come up with new ideas and themes. Hats off to this management and organizational skills of American public libraries where you can experience their efforts to inculcate honest reading love among kids develop naturally. There is nothing more satisfying than your kid craving for library visit and enjoying reading books even in this age of television and computers!

Mrs. Dhanashree Arole
(Mother of 2 year old)
Orlando, Florida

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