Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Warning: Please hone your humane touch before you proceed reading this article.

One of these days, when I get tired of answering What, Why, How questions from next generation, I try to put myself into their shoes and just land onto www.ehow.com

What a resourceful collection of articles and videos, especially with that lively colors, it makes you sway while reading or watching. Having tuned in, my "self" decides to venture into their Plant Care section to hunt for tips on Venus Trap saplings. Do these carnivorous plants need to be manually fed with an insect or two? Do they need constant confirmation that even if they are not mobile, they have been given power to eat flies? Or are there sweet juices luring enough for stupid bugs to try some?

Running out of patience, I land on the "Top List" to only find the very first article listed to be as irrelevant to the topic as possible. South Indian Chutney Varieties by Bing-Ai Chen is not meant to be there. Confirmed once, twice and started analyzing the situation. First a deep breath, then is it the TAGs in the search optimization algorithm responsible for this blunder? Or heavy influence of IC's that management was forced to put this pair in that position. Really?

Taking a step back, it was like rendez-vous when all those incidents flashed in front of me, where Artificial Intelligence gets tainted due to such dilution of efforts. Please avoid Garbage-In, Garbage-Out! It hurts exponentially!! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is extremely challenging domain and involves multi-dimensional gating before your items can even get added to database. Be wise with those parameters, they are jewels.

For now may I just rely back on nature's working rules and assume that venus traps will survive as always.

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