Friday, April 08, 2011

Eat Poop, Poop Poop

So who hasn't heard about "Crawfish"? They taste yummy, can crawl backwards faster than you can imagine, carry elegant shell and above all make eco-friendly pets that keep water bodies clean. All in all, superior version of shrimp (= prawn)!

When it comes to pets, most of the times my concern is whether they are getting fed appropriately. And by that I mean right proportion, bearable taste and healthy frequency per week. So after some internet research and consultation with my creek-lady, I decided to stick to dry food officially manufactured for crustaceans, that looks like …. Now that’s where lies the whole fun fun fun.

Have you ever seen any living being eat poop? Or on lighter side, poop something that looks like food?? If you think this might be stretching it too far, just hang in there. My little fella never eats instantaneously whenever he is fed; like most husbands you see. They have to do it in hiding. So one worry down the hole.

Whenever my day gets overloaded, I like to enter my little fella's world, where he enjoys air bubbles from filter, hides in conch, floats amidst water-plants and who knows when he really eats?! Its so soothing to watch him. And in that session, I literally spotted him pooping in action. What a sight .. His excretions were just like his food nuggets. I couldn't believe it! So I zoomed myself into his zone, and made sure that he did not eat it. If you are aware of what "Shivambhu" is, then you will understand my concern. So all in all, he merrily winded his poop party effortless and was heading back to his conch.

Even though I kept wondering how he distinguishes between his poop and food, the fact that he is six months old, proves that he knows his lesson well!

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