Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Phone Or Email

Welcome Again:

Every single time we think about COMMUNICATION; we reflect about mode .. don't we? Is it age of Post or Email or Broadcast. And many a times, we just find comfort in reverting to social portal.

So here I am getting to Facebook, my soul and curry; and using, mind well not abusing, IT to get to swift channel of communicating some semi-trivial, however potentially humorous piece of update to niche group of followers. And I really decided to embed phone technology and starting punching those numbers ...

Failure to understand social plugin mystery

  • First try: Failed. So I checked my typing speed and also quality of numbers being entered. Looked great. 
  • Next try: Pre-appended with all country codes; yet no luck
  • Thought of giving final try before reverting to traditional Email mode of communication. 
And suddenly I see *** The dumb algorithm behind this giant portal kept on complaining about "Incorrect Email" ***

Well does it even understand that it is supposed to check for number string without @
Really there is no .com or .org or .net! Trust US

So pointless to talk to machines that are manufactured by Others, and sold as toys by branded channels. Mark if you are still in control, get your team to resolve it in next production cycle and I might just invest in your shares period.

PS If some samaritan has quick solution then do ping me back.

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